On the difference between illustration and representation

If we paint a rectangle on a (3D) sphere, then there is no way to illustrate this rectangle as a rectangle on a (2D) map of the sphere. It is simply impossible to reduce a representation accurately with an illustration over a dimensional reduction.

However, since every illustration of a representation in any n-dimensional space actually is a reduced representation of an illustration of the same representation in an n+1 dimension, this fact means that illustrations can’t illustrate a representation accurately (in a general sense).

It means that it is not possible to illustrate a representation accurately at all. Illustrations of representations simply can’t fuse with representations. because the two are orthogonal (ie, diametrically opposed).

The problem is that that there is nothing in the middle. We can assume something an logically deduce something, or go the other way around, but we can’t find the middle.



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