On the insurmountable gap between reality and our discussion about it

The fascinating property of reality is that when we partition it into particles and waves, and try to narrow in on the exact position of a particle, then the particle vanishes into a wave, whereas when we try to narrow in on the exact meaning of a “wave”, waves instead vanish into particles. There is obviously a breaking point where particles turn into waves as they get smaller, and waves turn into particles as they get smaller.

So, what does this say about reality? Well, fundamentally that reality is cheating us. So, how shall we handle this cheat? Well, we just have two options: to assume either that a particle and a wave is BOTH a particle and a wave, or that a particle is NEITHER a particle NOR a wave. Of these, the former seems to be the least crazy option, since nothing can be nothing, but the latter is actually the only consistent option. So, holding on to consistency, we have to assume the apparently most crazy option, that is, that a particle is not a wave and that a wave is not a particle, which, expressed in this way, surprisingly appears sensible. A particle is of course not a wave, and a wave is of course not a particle. Holding on to to consistency thus leads us from our action, ie, partitioning reality into particles and waves, into the conclusion that reality consists of particles and waves. Reality does thus lurk between our partitioning and our conclusion.


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