Art is larger than science

Art is larger than science, because science is in practice nothing but a craft. Scientists strive to turn science into a rational search for an all-encompassing truth, but such “truth” is not to be found, and even it is (like the fraud called “particle physics” claims by its claimed finding of the so-called “Higgs particle”), any such “truth” has no relevance for anything. It actually is not even scientific, by not being empirically testable, but is instead a religion. So, science can never leave the level of craftsmanship apart from turning itself into a religion, which is not scientific.

Art, however, exceeds the level of craftsmanship. It reaches our minds through our rational thoughts at a deeper level. It is thus larger than science.

This doesn’t mean that science is useless, but the contrary. ONLY science is practically useful in an objective aspect. Art is indeed larger than science, but it is not practically useful other than in a subjective aspect. It means that only science is practically useful in an objective aspect, ie, can describe and manipulate reality structurally. It means that we should use science to manipulate our world, but art to enjoy it. Never can science become an art, just as never can art become a science. And never will the two merge. We thus ought to keep them apart just as we ought to keep church and state (and ethnicity and nation) apart. Ultimately, a pointing finger can’t be merged with the thing it’s pointing at, although the scientific “truth” is located between them.


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