Another way to conclude that words can’t catch reality

When we’re trying to find the truth, we’re actually actually looking for the middle between two orthogonal aspects. This search had been rational if (and only if) there had been something between these two aspects, but since there isn’t, it isn’t. Instead, this place is actually void. It is just the turning point between the two aspects.

There is, of course, something we look at in these two aspects (ie, a reality), but this thing is outside of the vector space of the aspects, actually orthogonal to it, and is thus not located (ie, can’t be found) between the two aspects.

This is just another way of concluding that words can’t catch reality. There is, and will forever remain, an insurmountable aisle between our talk and what we talk about. (Which, by the way, instead opens for seemingly magical breakthroughs for engineering art. We will, for example, see teleportation, quantum computers and symphonic composing by computers. Much is possible, but unfortunately not finding the truth.)


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