On the task for biological systematics

The task for biological systematics is to arrange all biological organisms in a single system.

Approaching this task, one first has to decide whether kinds are real (ie, shall be found) or our inventions (ie, shall be partitioned).

This decision is further complicated by that the former alternative ends in paradoxical contradiction (ie, that there isn’t any solution), and that the latter ends in ambiguity (ie, that all solutions are consistent).

Now, if one decides to believe that kinds are real, because one believes in the origin of the biodiversity by evolution, then this belief is inconsistent, actually paradoxically contradictory.

It is thus not inconsistent to not believe in evolution, but inconsistent to believe in evolution. The problem is that belief in itself is inconsistent. It does thus not matter whether you believe in a God or in Evolution, both are just as inconsistent. Only not believing is consistent.


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