An important consideration in search for the truth(s)

If we want to search the truth using words, we first have to understand that words generalize things in the form of classes.

We can then understand that we first have to decide whether classes are real (i.e. must be  found) or abstractions (i.e, are invented by us). Already this fact, however, tells us that we can’t find a single truth, since the former ultimately ends in paradoxical contradiction (see Russell’s paradox) and the latter in ambiguity (see Heracleitos), and thus that truths must come in the form of ambiguous pairs (like particle-wave), and must be searched for under the assumption that classes are abstractions (i.e. the hypothetico-deductive method).

This consideration means that we can search for truths rationally, and that we will then be better prepared to recognize them when we meet them.


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