Our options using talk

Our options using talk is just to either rotate in circles or understand that we can just rotate in circles.  The former is a Sisyfos work (like cladistics and particle physics), whereas the latter is science.

In a finite world, like ours, we can’t find a truth that is black or white, but only one on the gray-scale between true and false, that is, one that is more true than another, because the search can’t start with a fact, but only with an assumption, and the conclusion from an assumption is also an assumption. Truth simply isn’t in practice a matter of black and white, ie, a fact, but of gray-scale, ie, an assumption.

“Truth” thus can’t bridge the gap between assumption and fact because they are orthogonal. We can compare it with asking questions and answering them, then truth is the arguments we use to answer questions, and questions, answers and truth simply aren’t of the same kind, but orthogonal.

The notion of “a single truth” is thereby impossible, because if it had existed, then the orthogonality between assumption and fact (and particle and wave) would not have existed. It is thus instead self-contradictory.


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