Particle physics erases the difference between science and belief

When we humans discuss reality, we first have to face the problem of deciding whether kinds are real or not, ie, deciding whether kinds are something we find or invent.

The problem with this fundamental choice is that the former alternative (ie, that kinds are real) rationally ends in paradoxical contradiction, and that the latter alternative (ie, that kinds are our invention) rationally ends in ambiguity. because it means that independently of what we choose and how we reason, the best we can hope for is ambiguity.

In the light of this fact, it is surprising that a sect called “particle physics” trying to prove a “standard model” claims to be scientific. This aim is obviously not scientific, but instead just as vain as trying to prove the existence of God. How can this sect have entered the realm of science? If it is science, then there is no difference between science and belief.


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