On the problem with particle physics

Particle physicists are like criminal investigators trying to prove their belief of how a murder case have happened by seeking support for their belief of how it has happened. They have forgotten the fundamental fact that we can’t prove that anything is true, but just that something is false. They are thereby fundamentally unscientific, and instead religious.

Particle physicists thus can neither understand that their goal is fundamentally paradoxically contradictory and thereby can’t be found. They can, of course, claim that they have found it, like they did with “Higgs particle”, since no non-particle physicist can dispute it, but the problem will always be that an acknowledgement of their belief will also be a contradiction of their belief. Belief simply can’t be confirmed, independently of whether it is in God or in “the standard model” of particle physics.

Fact is that science can’t replace religion, because it is the opposite to religion. Science can only tell what’s wrong among the testable propositions. Science can thus never produce a “standard model”, independently of what particle physicists believe.


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