On the two orthogonal aspects of reality

Reality has two aspects that are incompatible, actually orthogonal: total chaos and total order.

The reason that these two aspects are incompatible is that they are two aspects of the same thing, lacking any thing between them. They (the two aspects) are thus actually just an abstract meeting point, an interface, between realism and nominalism (ie, the belief that kinds are real and the understanding that kinds aren’t real).

There is thus no way to fuse these two incompatible aspects, because there isn’t anything real between them. Instead, the main difference between them is that realism is paradoxically contradictory, whereas nominalism is consistent. It means that we can use nominalism to build consistent models of reality but can’t reach a single “true” model, whereas realism leads into “an infinite search to define the indefinable” as Charles Darwin expressed it. Both ways thus miss the target, ie, the supposed reality between them.

If there had been a reality between those two aspects, then time would not have been relative to speed in space and a universal now would have been possible, but since there isn’t, time is relative to speed in space and a universal now is impossible.


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