The problem with reality (and The Truth)

The problem with reality, as well as with The Truth, is that it is a paradox in our conceptualization of it, since our conceptualization of reality discusses reality, and paradoxes can’t be real. The problem with reality is thus that it can’t be real in our conceptualization of it.

This fact may be just a consequence of our conceptualization, but the fact that time is relative to speed in space instead supports the conclusion that reality actually contradicts itself paradoxically (ie, if it is one, then it is another, whereas if it is another, then it is one). There simply isn’t any middle between one and another in reality.

This conclusion may appear sad to those that seek The Truth (like The Tree of Life for cladistics and The Standard Model for particle physics), but it does provide an explanation for how something can exist in nothing. Something can arise in nothing as a paradox.

This explanation of reality also appears to fit the origin of other things in reality, like life. In this perspective, The Truth IS the origin of both reality and many things in reality, like conceptualization. The Truth is then not something we can find, but instead the environments for everything we consider.  It surrounds everything we consider.


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