On reality and its creation

Reality is like a coin – having two sides, one front and one back side. The difference is that reality has nothing in between. Instead, the front side is the front side of the back side and vice versa. A middle is simply lacking.

This fact means that conflict and change are natural laws. Nothing can be agreed upon nor stay the same over time. Instead, diversification and transience rule. The notion that evolution is “a fight for survival” is thus totally wrong. On the opposite, evolution is conflict, transience and resulting diversification (like thesis, antithesis and theses (synthesis occurs only if it is the only possibility in transience)).

Now, if reality is finite, then transience have to be circular, since the number of possible transiences also is finite (ie, transience can’t find new routes infinitely). It means that reality is consistently described as a circularity (rather than as a story with a beginning, a middle and an end). It, in turn, means that reality is more plausibly assumed to not having a beginning than having a beginning. This fact does thus mean that the statement that a big bang created reality is inconsistent (ie, logically contradictory). The logically consistent conclusion is instead that reality hasn’t been created at all.


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