When will we admit that there isn’t any unambiguous truth?

Many of us today understand that reality has two aspects: the time and the frequency aspect (or wave/particle, etc). These two aspects of reality are like head and tail, but what not many of us understand is that there is nothing between these head and tail. Instead, the thing between these head and tail (ie, reality) is the pure flip between them.

This fact means that we have to accept that reality is ambiguous, because it thus in the time aspect is ambiguous and in the frequency aspect multifaceted. We thus have to accept that we can’t nail reality, because there isn’t anything behind its two aspects.

The fundamental question is thus when we will accept (yield to) the fact that we can’t reach an unambiguous description of reality (like the ideas of a”standard model” and “tree of life”). When will we see through such hallucinations?


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