Understanding reality

Reality can be comprehended in two different, actually orthogonal, aspects: the time and the frequency aspect.The time aspect is process and the frequency aspect is being. These two aspects are thus true at the same time, although they are fundamentally incompatible. As humans, we are stuck in the time aspect.

As humans we can, however, understand these two aspects consistently using mathematics, for example the Fourier transform between them. An interesting fact in such a practice is that one process (ie, one and only one signal) in the time aspect is two processes in the frequency aspect (ie, one positive and one negative signal each with half the amplitude). The meaning of a “negative” signal is difficult to understand, but the fact that one (thing) in the time aspect equals two (things) in the frequency aspect provides a framework for understanding the phenomena in quantum mechanics, because it means that one thing is two things in every moment of time (in every “now”).

This is of course not something we can “see”, because we can only “see” reality in the time aspect, but it models reality when we consider it in the term of “now”, ie, the world of quantum mechanics. However, as revolutionary as this aspect of reality may appear to us, we have to understand that neither this aspect can provide us with an explanation of reality, but can just contribute with this aspect of reality. It does thus not provide an explanation of reality, but just complements our understanding of reality by adding the frequency part of it.

The problem with understanding reality is that it is stowed between these two fundamental aspects.


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