Reality, science and science gravedigger

All facts points to that reality is a duality. Dualities, however, similar to everything else, come in two differently inclusive varieties – kinds and kinds of kinds, or differences and differences in similarities. One duality that includes another duality. The former can be called “contextual duality” and the latter “contentual duality”.

An example of a contextual duality is that electromagnetism in the part of visible light can be mapped in both a square and a cylindrical context.


An example of a contentual duality is that an electromagnetic wave can be illustrated in two aspects: time and frequency.


So, how shall we understand this our reality? Well, the fundamental problem is that reality thus is either ambiguous or (paradoxically) contradictory – ambiguous if we accept facts (ie, the description above) and contradictory if we don’t accept facts (ie, the description above).

Cladistics and particle physics do not accept the facts above. This “denial of facts” approach did thus emerge within “science”, but has today also spread out to more general populists. Trump supporters have even baptized it to “alternative facts”. Cladistics and particle physics have thus dug the grave for empirical science.


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