The fundamental problem in searching “the truth”

The problem we continuously encounter searching “the truth” (ie, the cladistic “true tree of life” and the particle physic “Higgs particle”) is that we end up flipping between the different aspects of reality – pattern and process. We can comprehend reality in both aspects, but are naturally stuck in the process aspect.


The problem is that “the truth” is logically placed between these two aspects, because reality consists of both aspects, when there is nothing to be found between them.

Cladistics has solved this problem by simply believing that there is something between these two aspects (ie, a “true tree of life”) and particle physics has solved it by claiming that it think it has found a something between them (ie, “the Higgs particle”), when fact is that there is nothing between them. “Believing” and “thinking” cannot change this fact, because if it could, then “believing” and “thinking” would equal “knowing”, which would contradict the distinction of them. We can thus safely state that both cladistics and particle physics are wrong. There simply are no such things. There simply isn’t anything between the two aspects, because they are just two sides of one thing, that is, reality.


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