On the split of humanity by talk

As soon as one human distinguishes a class of things in this world by inventing a new word and pointing at one type thing, like pointing at one thing calling this class “elk”, there is another human that asks the question “what is an elk?”. It is as if the distinction triggers a counter reaction in the latter human wondering – how do you know that this is an elk? The answer is that the former human does of course not “know” that the thing he/she’s pointing at IS an “elk”, but rather distinguishes things like that thing as a class he calls “elk”. The distinction is not a matter of “knowing”, but rather of dividing the world.

This phenomenon has partitioned humanity into three groups: those that distinguish classes of things, those that wonders which classes things belong to, and those that can’t decide between the two. This partition is a fundamental split of humanity.

Above this partition is humanity divided between those that can reach abstract thinking and those that can’t, ie, those that can think objectively and those that can’t. The matter is about whether one can lift one’s view point above the purely selfish.

This difference has partitioned humanity further into objective and subjective humans.

In this point, the initial distinction of one class has thus given rise to five different opinions and a confused rest about the world. It demonstrates that talk will never reach a truth, but will just divide humans. If there indeed is a truth, then talk will in any case never catch it.


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