On the fundamental split between belief and non-belief

If you refuse to admit that the world is ambiguous, then you have to contradict yourself. Admitting that the world is ambiguous is called “the hypothetico-deductive approach” (or simpler “empirical science”), whereas refusing to admit it is called “populism”.

Between these two approaches is nothing, but they meet ultimately in Russell’s paradox – the former describing this paradox as a paradox, and the latter believing in paradoxes.

Humans of the world are divided between these two approaches such as that 1/3 adopt the hypothetico-deductive approach, 1/3 adopt the populistic approach and 1/3 can’t decide which. The problem for both approaches (and thus for humanity) is that their fundamental difference can neither be solved nor bridged by rational arguments. Neither of them can convince the other by rational argumentation. Instead, their difference inevitably leads to violence.

This fundamental quest for violence is thus not fundamentally between different beliefs, but between non-belief and belief. This fact is the only hope humanity has to avoid an apocalypse. The peacefulness of non-belief may defeat the bellicosity of belief.

So, I suggest you say a prayer for non-belief.


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