How on earth can science get rid of “Higgs particle”?

If the world is explicable for particle physics, then there must be a “Higgs particle”. Now, particle physicists “think they have got” this kind of thing. But, they explain that this kind of thing is not actually a thing, but rather a kind of process.

The only truth in this drama of one aspect of rationality is that “kind” is intermediate (ie, an interface) between “thing”, “type” and “process”, that is, a trichotomous intermediate. The problem for this aspect of rationality (as well as for rationality in general) is that interfaces (of all dimensions) are boundaries between things, not things, and are thus abstractions, not realities. Such “things” thus can’t be found, but are like the text on the screen of the device you’re reading this blog post on.

None the less, this belief among particle physicists that they “have got” what they call “Higgs particle” was awarded the Nobel Prize, but not to the physicists that “thought” they “have got it”, but to the guy (Peter Higgs) that explained that this kind of thing is what they have to find to legitimate their discipline.

Isn’t that a trichotomous irony? The guy that explained the fundamental inconsistency of particle physics was awarded the Nobel Prize by particle physicists belief that they had found the inconsistency (which they thus couldn’t have). The worst problem with this irony (this Nobel Prize) is, however, that it turned science and belief up-side-down, and thus waved farewell to science.

The fundamental question for science now is how on earth it can get rid of “Higgs particle”. This unscientific “God’s particle” sticks to science like a snot booger to the fore finger.


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