Rational thinking (ie, science) is a tool, not a savior

Rational thinking (ie, science) can only make models of reality and manipulate it, not explain it. The obstacle is that rational thinking just have two possible entrances into explaining reality, one that ends in ambiguity and one that ends in paradoxical contradiction (ie, accepting ambiguity or believing in it). There simply isn’t any possibility offered to explain reality.

Cladistics and particle physics have, however, found two ways to deny this fundamental problem. Cladistics simply believes that this obstacle does not exist, whereas particle physics instead say that it “thinks that it has got” the ambiguty/paradox (calling it “Higgs particle”). Both of them are, thus, wrong. This ambiguity/paradox can we not get rid of neither by denying it nor by finding it. It is simply the end of the road in our quest for understanding.

The savior for rational thinking (science) is that it can conjure using mathematics and quantum mechanics. It can thereby create manipulations of reality that is unexplicable. By this, it can overcome the old need for an explanation of what we’re dealing with. It can handle reality without understanding it. This puts cladistics and particle physics offside.


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