The split in biological systematics

The split in biological systematics emerging with the Nazi-founded approach called “cladistics” is extremely interesting.

Cladistics broke with Linnean systematics with the claim that “it is time to acknowledge Darwin’s theory on the origin of species” (Willi Hennig), when it actually switched the fundamental assumption for Linnean systematics from that kinds are our inventions into that kinds are real. The split was thus not about choosing another of possible alternatives, but about confronting the basic assumption for biological systematics. Willi Hennig in practice claimed that it is time to acknowledge race biology.

The result is that biological systematics today acknowledges race biology in the form of cladistics at the same time as it realizes that it can’t abandon Linnean systematics without loosing its foothold in science. It is thus a total confusion. Any intelligent person can easily understand that cladistics is paradoxically contradictory, and that cladistics is incompatible with Linnean systematics, but biological systematicians struggle to bring this whole complicated and contradictory structure further.

The split in biological systematics reveals that the discipline is  fundamentally impossible. How can it find the fusion of the two aspects of the world when no other discipline can? The rest of us just have to watch out for the racism of the aspect of cladistics.


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