Is the question what reality is or what we shall do?

When we look at reality and discuss it, it is actually hidden beyond our discussion, because we partition it when it isn’t partitioned.

This fact may appear as an unwanted fundamental halt to our understanding of reality, but it may actually be the other way around. We have a tendency to comprehend “understanding” of reality as a single true explanation of reality, but if we instead comprehend it as an understanding of how reality works, then realization of this fact may instead lead to an understanding of the fundamental dichotomous nature of reality.

There is an underlying provision (context) for reality in that it can’t reach the steady state (ie, perfection, or truth) it automatically seeks in its change, because of the fact above. Instead, it diverges to the extent that it is infinite, but converges to the extent it is finite. The result of this limited diversification is thus a balance between maximum diversity and maximum uniformity, depending on the infinite-finite-boundaries.

The fact that reality is hidden beyond our discussion can thus lead us to the understanding of reality that it balances between maximum diversity and maximum uniformity depending on the infinite-finite-boundaries in every place and moment in time. In this situation, the question is what we shall do, not what reality is.


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