On the inevitable route towards chaos

When we (humanity) started to discuss reality, one of our first moves was to put addresses to locations. At the same time, one of our first confusions was to confuse “address” with “location”. We simply couldn’t keep the representation apart from the representative.

The reason for this confusion is that keeping them consistently apart instead leads into a problem of keeping the prepositions “in” and “on” consistently apart. Keeping them consistently apart means that “in” and “on” are contradictory (ie, “in” a location but “on” an address), whereas confusing them instead means that “in” and “on” are ambiguous. The confusion thus turned a contradiction into an ambiguity.

At this point, we had created the fundamental split among us (humanity) that will ultimately lead to our self-destruction. There is no way to bridge the gap between those that confuse “address” with “location” and those that don’t. Instead, this gap inevitably leads into a multicultural battle between a spectrum of beliefs wherein the principles that my friend’s enemy is my enemy and that my enemy’s friend is my enemy create a chaos.

This route was thus set already when we started to discuss reality.


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