The fundamental battle of the human society

Human society is a battle between those that tend to believe and those that tend to be skeptic.

This battle is not, however, two-sided, but three-sided – between those that believe and those that don’t, and between different beliefs. The battle is thus raging at different levels – between theism and atheism, and between different kinds of theism.

In this battle, every theism has a tendency to multiply by splitting, whereas atheism instead has a tendency to have problems to unify. Both (all three) sides of this battle thus exhibit internal symptoms of the same battle. The principle of the battle thus appears to run deeper than the different manifestations of it do.

It means that human society will never reach the apocalypse between two kinds of beliefs (as some people predict), because there will always be a third player, and all of them will have problems with unification. More probable is that the human society will continue this three-sided battle forever.


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