Understanding reality

If we partition reality with our words, then reality will be both whole and partitioned – fundamentally whole, but divided by our words. This is then an ambiguity we have to live with.

If we don’t understand this fact, we may instead arrive to a belief that reality is both whole and partitioned at the same time, that is, paradoxically contradictory, as particle physicists and cladists have, which is however falsified by “the natural laws”, that is, the fact that reality is predictable. A paradoxically contradictory reality is not predictable.

The fundamental problem is that reality is consistent, meaning that it can’t be understood from the inside. A consistent thing exists both in terms of its parts and in terms of its context, meaning that there can’t be any middle in it, because such a hypothetical middle is a fusion of its parts and its context. The hypothesis simply boils down our partitioning of reality into the reality we have partitioned, which ends in paradoxical contradiction. Instead, reality’s consistency means that it can only be understood in terms of process, ie, how it works. Understanding of what it is, is  impossible per definition. This possibility is lost in the moment we partition reality with our words.


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