Is reality inconsistent?

Our conceptualization of reality is fundamentally inconsistent. It means that we have to partition reality into two aspects – “is”and “does” (ie, pattern and process).

The fundamental question is if this means that reality is inconsistent.The fact that there is no alternative means that we have to assume that it does.

So, what does this inconsistency mean? Well, firstly it means that we can’t find a single consistent description of what the world is (apart from constructing one with a hypothetical particle, eg, Higgs particle, which has no practical implication whatsoever), and secondly that there are two consistent descriptions of how the world works, ie, physics and quantum mechanics. The first of these is what we comprehend as intuitive and the second is counter-intuitive.

The counter-intuitive description of how the world works (ie, quantum mechanics) is totally impossible to understand (because it is counter-intuitive), but just has to be accepted because it is consistent. This description can lead us to stunning discoveries, although we don’t understand how they work.

So, while particle physicists are lost in understanding the world in terms of “the standard system”, quantum mechanists ought to find ways to demonstrate the practical utility of quantum mechanics. If they can’t, then science may be eradicated in favor of religion (because particle physics is a religion).


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