Particle physicists are wrong – the world can’t be understood

The world can’t be understood, because the world is larger than understanding, ie, includes understanding.

If the world could have been understood, then there had to have been a “Higgs particle”, but now that it can’t, “Higgs particle” is nothing but a paradoxical contradiction. This fact is evidenced by that its claimed existence is just as irrelevant as the claimed existence of any God is. It is just as impossible to test empirically as it is practically insignificant. It is nothing but an escape hole for particle physics.

Furthermore, if the world had consisted of particles, as particle physicists assume as an axiom, then the world would have been paradoxically contradictory, because the number of particles would have been countable, and the world would thereby have been a case for discrete mathematics, which ends in paradoxical contradiction (see Russell’s paradox).

Fact is thus that the world can’t be understood, but can just be modeled. We thus can’t understand being, but can just model change.


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