On the problem with particle physics

Particle physicists reason backwards. They do not find things, but kinds of things. It is analogous to if I would explore the world for the first time and then find jews, by finding a jew, blacks by finding a black, dogs by finding a dog and houses by finding a house. The problem with this backward reasoning is that classification is ultimately contradictory (as Bertrand Russell demonstrated in 1901) , and that this approach thus is endless. Never will the search of particle physicists thus end, simply because it is inconsistent.

The problem  with particle physics is that it assumes that particles are real, because this assumption is contradictory. Particle physics is thus fundamentally contradictory.


2 responses to “On the problem with particle physics

  1. I guess where im having difficulty is what ‘reality’ is. What is reality that you are saying cant be found, yet somehow you can use it as a found meaning?

    • I’m simply saying that we can’t understand what reality is, because our understanding ultimately is contradictory The matter is thus not about what reality is, but about what we can understand using our tool for understanding, that is, language. Reality is simply hidden beyond what we can understand. This means that what reality is is not understandable (per definition) using our tool (ie, language). Whether it is understandable using some other tool is written in the stars.

      We can understand, however, how reality works, because this kind of understanding rests on models of reality. Neither this understanding can, however, be unambiguous, because it is fundamentally ambiguous using our tool.

      The problem for us to understand reality is thus not mainly due to reality, but to our tool to understand it.

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