On the limits for science (eg, that it excludes cladistics)

Cladistics (the idea that there is a true tree of life) disappears in the moment we start believing in it. It is like eating a cake and then start searching the cake.

The problem with rational thinking is that there isn’t any BOTH complete AND consistent system, which David Hilbert tried to find, as Gödel demonstrated with his incompleteness theorem. The rational (fundamental) assumption that there is such a system (ie, a “truth”) is thus wrong. It means that if we start believing in such a system, then the illusion of it disappears into a black hole of the reality we try to force it into with our belief.

This means that science can never turn into a belief, because as such it is just as contradictory as all other beliefs. Instead, it is limited to practical utility, ie, can only be practically useful.

Science does thus not compete with religions, but can only be a way to handle reality.


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