On the battle between “The Truth” and probability

A search for “The Truth” (like cladistics and particle physics) can be boiled down into the following:

  • You start from a point where you have to choose between up. down, right or left. If you choose up. then you sooner or later reach a point where you have to choose between right or left. Now, if you choose right, then you sooner or later reach a point where you have to choose between up or down, and so on… The search rotates around the empty middle (where you is) infinitely. The seeker can simply not unite with the sought.

The reason is that the idea we call “The Truth” in fact is an interface between the different starting points, that is, an illusion.

This fact do we humans handle in two orthogonal ways:

  1. conclude that the middle is ambiguous (eg, Heisenberg’s uncertainty relation and Russell’s paradox), and
  2. conclude that reality is contradictory (ie, cladistics and particle physics).

The former of these conclusions is correct, whereas the latter isn’t, because the fact that what we call “The Truth” is an illusion does not say anything about what reality is, only about our idea “The Truth”. Reality can we not touch with our ideas. Reality is what it is independently of our ideas about it. This statement is empirically supported by the fact that time is relative to speed in space. Reality thus has an existence beyond our ideas about it, contrary to the assumption for the latter conclusion above (since contradictions can’t exist).

Our problem is thus not to find “The Truth”, but to find the consistent understanding (ie, model) of reality, which quantum mechanics is approaching. And, it paints a picture of reality in terms of probability rather than of “The Truth”. The idea of “The Truth” (as in cladistics and particle physics) is thus actually outdated by about a century.


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