The problem with the world

Those that believe that understanding of the world is possible must also believe that understanding of “understanding” is possible. The problem with “understanding” is, however, that something must be assumed for something to be explained, whereof the assumption can’t be explained, meaning that “understanding” can’t be explained. And, if “understanding” can’t be explained, then it is neither possible to understand the world.

The problem that the world is unintelligible is thus fundamentally not a question about the world itself, but about that it is impossible to “understand” fundamentally. “Understanding” can be phrased in many different contexts, but a fundamental understanding, including understanding of understanding, is impossible. The question whether the world is understandable (ie, intelligible) or not can thus not be answered, ie, is beyond reach for words.

The problem to understand the world is thus created by words themselves, and lacking a solution per definition. This, I would say, is the problem with the world.


2 responses to “The problem with the world

  1. …is the problem with the definition of world. But this problem occurs with every item that is proposed upon an assumption of term-object identity. With every systemization of world, a juncture will occur to offer at least one item where the term-object identity is assumed solute . As in your case here, the ironic case of ‘setting’ and then ‘lifting’ the term in question. Almost Zizekian what you got here.

    • Yes, almost Zizekian, with the difference that I don’t advocate any ideology, but just conclude that understanding is impossible. However, if this conclusion forces me towards ideologies, then I would advocate that we either change between right and left, compromise between left and right or fight between left and right. By this, I have covered all options.

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