How truthfully can reality be described?

If there is a single truth about reality, then all other propositions about reality are false. This cannot, however, be the case, since there are many true propositions about reality.

If true propositions about reality instead are arranged hierarchically so that there is a single true proposition on top (like “the standard model” of particle physics, or “the true tree of life” of cladistics), then the reality that all these propositions refer to has to be rational by assumption but irrational by conclusion, since it leads to paradox (ie, Russell’s paradox), which thus denies it.

Instead, there appear to be two kinds of truths: one about process (ie, how reality works) and one about pattern (ie, what reality is), whereof the former ultimately is ambiguous (ie, that reality can be just as truthfully described in more than one way) and the latter ultimately is paradoxically contradictory (ie, that reality can’t be truthfully described in any way).

Together, they mean that reality can be described truthfully only in several ways, and then only with regard to how it works.


2 responses to “How truthfully can reality be described?

  1. UnumVeritatemPerquirat

    Interesting post.. I agree with the statement you make about there not being a “true” definition for absolute truth… Mainly because it is perceived in so many ways.
    I believe that this process we take to find truth you speak of can be called science. People like to think science is the know all answer of this world… When in reality it is nothing but the process of events that take place.
    Science is not definite… Is it open ended… It will tell us the process but never the “why”.
    Great post

    -Truth Seeker

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