Between our talk about reality and reality itself

Between our talk about reality and reality itself is a turning point (or interface) called “Russell’s paradox”, consisting of a subjective paradox and an objective ambiguity.

This turning point is also the black holes of reality. It does thus actually exist in reality, but not as a “Higgs particle” nor as a “true tree of life”, but as holes that appear to “eat” energy.

Concerning this appearance, however, it is important to remember that it depends on our partitioning of reality. Why on earth shall we expect the appearance of a reality that we partition to be rational just because we are rational. On the contrary, reality is obviously irrational as also quantum mechanics shows. But, and this is a very important but, reality is not contradictory, ie, is not inconsistent, meaning that neither a “Higgs particle” nor a “true tree of life” is real, because they are contradictory (ie, inconsistent).

Whatever reality is, it is not contradictory, ie, inconsistent. It is just impossible to understand rationally.


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