The empty middle is what we get by searching instead of receiving

We (humans) discuss reality using conceptualization, wherein we partition it into things and kinds of things. The problem with this method is that the kind “things” is orthogonal to kinds of things, in that it opens an empty middle between these orthogonal kinds.

This empty middle (also called Heisenberg’s uncertainty relation, Russell’s paradox, Higgs particle, the true tree of life, and many other names) is the hot porridge we (as the cat) rotate around. The fundamental question is whether this empty middle is real or not.

The answer to this question is that it indeed is real in all aspects, and that it therefore is incomprehensible. How on earth can we comprehend a real paradox? It would be like finding Schrödinger’s cat, that is, a cat that is both dead and alive at the same time. None-the-less, this being is real in the form of so-called “black holes”. We can thus conclude that it exists, but we can’t explain it.

I would characterize it as an interface between the two fundamental orthogonal aspects of reality. It exits although it is incomprehensible, because reality is incomprehensible. It is thus the obstacle to comprehending reality we create by trying to comprehend reality, ie, whet we miss by trying to get. It is thus what we get by searching instead of receiving.


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