To cladists, particle physicists and other extremists: no, sorry, Santa does not exist

Human communication, ie, conceptualization, as reality itself, can be understood as orthogonal.

This understanding means that it can be interpreted as an eternal carousel around a void middle, since the two orthogonal dimensions are each other’s inverses, and the middle is the “thing” between them. If one is constructive and tries to find this middle (also called “the truth”) by verification, then one just encounters paradoxical contradiction (ie, beliefs) in every direction, whereas if one is skeptical and tries to find it by falsification, then the search is instead infinite. The situation can be described by the old Swedish saying that: “it doesn’t matter how you turn, you still have the ass on the back side”.

Still, this void middle is what many of us humans crave for. It is just as if those of us have to find it to come to rest. This crave is the source for many of the battles between us humans. Without even questioning the goal itself, we battle about all different ways of reaching it. This process is self-propelled by that it is at the heart of communication (ie, conceptualization) itself. It emerges together with communication.

This process is thus what those of us that understand this situation have to cope with.  This problem can in large parts be compared with explaining to children that Santa does not exist. Like crushing a dream.


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