Science can’t find the truth, simply because there isn’t any

The world has for us a fundamentally orthogonal (ie, diametrically opposed) internal structure. There are things on one level that contain things of other kinds at an orthogonal (ie, diametrically opposed) level, such structures nested in each other infinitely. This structure can be described mathematically by fractals, forever rotating around each and everyone’s middle void.

In our perspective, the world thus appears as an illusion that contains us. It appears as a bubble extended by the orthogonal relation between the things on the two orthogonal levels. But, then we have to understand that our perspective on the world is just one perspective on the world – we understand the world in terms of things and kinds of things, and in this understanding the world simply appears as an infinite number of nested orthogonal bubbles. Our problem with this understanding is that we can’t reach beyond this apprehension, but instead has to handle the world (ie, manipulate it) according to it. We can’t step out of our own feet.

To, in this understanding, suggest (or even claim) that we can pinpoint the world (as cladists and particle physicists do) is, to say the least, irresponsible, but actually fraud. The truth is that we can’t. The fundamental obstacle being the missing middle.

The missing middle (in orthogonal bubbles) is thus the mystery that both keeps the world going and prevents us from pinpointing the world. If it had been possible to pinpoint, then it would indeed have been in the form of “the tree of life” of cladistics and “the Higgs particle” of particle physics, but unfortunately it is not possible to pinpoint (ie, is void).

This fact means that science can’t find “the truth”, simply because there isn’t any. Instead, there are at least two equally true truths.


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