Higgs particle is a brain ghost

Beliefs are inconsistent, actually paradoxically contradictory as Russell’s paradox shows.

Particle physics’ belief if Higgs particle is thus also inconsistent, actually paradoxically contradictory, and, as in all other beliefs, it is the subject of belief that is inconsistent. Like how all monotheistic Gods are both kind and cruel (and their believers thus can kill for love), Higgs particle is both a particle and a field (and since a field is a kind of wave, also a wave).

All things have at least two aspects, but the two aspects of a paradoxical contradiction are extremely interesting. The two aspects mean that we can approach everything from at least two different directions. Concerning paradoxes, we can either skeptically ask: what is it (eg, what is a Higgs particle – a particle or a field), or we can simply believe in it as a totality. The interesting property of these two aspects is that they mean that paradoxes actually are interfaces between unbelief and belief. We can anytime take the step from unbelief to belief by simply accepting contradictory things.

However, taking this step from unbelief to belief does not mean turning the paradox in question real. Leaving unbelief for belief does not mean turning the subject for belief real, but just conflating concepts. Fact is instead that if we indeed could find paradoxes (like Higgs particle), then reality would be contradictory between its two fundamental aspects (ie, particle and wave) instead of being ambiguous between them, meaning that our foundation for conceptualization would be wrong, ie, that we would have to start all over from beginning, thus also falsifying traditional science in a general meaning. Luckily, we thus can’t find paradoxes (like Higgs particle), but can just conflate concepts (as particle physicists do).

Sometimes I wonder if weird phenomena like the search for Higgs particle is due to that too many engineers are involved in science. Engineers are are good at solving technical problems, but lack cultivation in the history of science. They have a tendency to not understand that there are problems that are insolvable, like passing the seven bridges of Königsberg once and only once. Science is not only about finding out matters, but also about understanding matters. If we understand matters, then we also understand that there are matters we can’t find out. One example is the matter that we can’t find Higgs particle, because it is a brain ghost.


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