A list of impossible missions

Some people say that nothing is impossible, but it is wrong. Here is a list of impossible missions:

1. Eating a cake and keeping it.

2. Finding The True Tree of Life.

3. Finding the numerical value of the diagonal in a square with sides length of 1 (meter, inch, centimeter or whatever), likewise in a diagonal in cube with the sides length of 1.

4. Finding Higgs particle (actually Russell’s paradox) empirically.

5. Passing a river both on a bridge and in the water at the same time.

6. Devising a walk that will cross each bridge of Königsberg once and only once.

7. Counting the number of numbers of the set of real numbers.

8.  Finding the middle between white and black.

9. Explaining the result of the double-slit experiment of quantum mechanics.

10. Finding simultaneity.

11. Finding a boundary.

12. Finding all members of a class.

13. Finding out the exact position and speed of a particle in a specific moment in time.

14. Reaching the speed of light (as well as reaching absolute stillness).

There are thus actually many things that are impossible, if we with “things” mean “operations” (which we explicitly don’t, but implicitly do when we say that “nothing is impossible”).


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