On the difference between reality and our division of it

Reality combines continuity and discreteness.

The problem for us when we divide reality by words is that we can’t combine continuity and discreteness both consistently and unambiguously, ie, can’t reconstruct reality both consistently and unambiguously, but are instead limited to reconstruct reality either inconsistently (ie, using a flat classification as in cladistics and particle physics) or ambiguously (ie, using an orthogonal classification as in Linnean systematics).

Our division of reality by words does thus make a both consistent and unambiguous reconstruction of reality impossible by dividing a singularity into a plurality. It means that reality will forever be hidden beyond our division of it.

We thus can’t see what there is before we distinguish what it contains, and as soon as we distinguish what it contains, we’re lost in contradiction and ambiguity. The idea that we aren’t (eg, cladistics and particle physics) is nothing but a vain hope (actually beliefs) that reality is understandable. Sorry to say, it isn’t.


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