On the stupidity with particle physics

The “standard model” of particle physics (below) is just what is expected if a (class) realist paints the world.


Everything that is necessary to construct a consistent model is present: two kinds of things (ie, quarks and leptons), one kind of intermediate between these two kinds of things (ie, gauge bosons), and one paradoxical kind that ties them together (ie, Higgs particle).

So, this is indeed a consistent model. The question is just what is real and what is abstract in the model, and the problem with it is that the lack of answer to this question means that it’s practically useless. It is simply a consistent theoretical construction that is useless for any practical matter. Believe it or not (Allah Akbar), you can still not use it for any practical matter. It is just a God for those rationalists that believe that classes are real, ie, (class) realists.

However, the worst problem for the model is Higgs particle, since it closes the consistency of the model by conflating reality with the abstract. If it is real, then the rest of the kinds are not real, whereas if it is abstract, then the model falls. It does thus present the problem with (class) realism for (class) realists. Confronted with this fundamental problem for (class) realism, ie, Russell’s paradox, (class) realists choosed to claim that they “think” they “have got it”, just as if they can erase the difference between reality and the abstract by “thinking” they have erased it, for which Peter Higgs was awarded the Nobel Prize. The winner of this confusion is thus Peter Higgs.

The rest of us can just conclude that the so-called “standard model” of particle physics is a practically totally useless theoretical model with a serious fundamental problem. I personally consider it to be the height of bullshit. We can’t be more wrong than this. It is rationality turned up-side-down (into a belief).


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