A search for The Truth only ends in an explanation (not in a description)

If you’re searching for The Truth, you will sooner or later discover that the answer lies in infinity.

This end appears hopeless, but if you think about it for a while, you will realize that infinity actually hides two kinds of infinity – uncountable and countable, whereof the former continues forever in an eternal orthogonal loop, whereas the latter attaches to your search consistently in the form of axiomatic set theory. The former thus leads into an eternal search for an inconsistent goal, whereas the latter leads from one aspect of reality into the other.

If you explore the latter kind of infinity, you will realize that it can explain why you searched for The Truth the way you did by explaining how you reached the goal you did.  It will thus explain the relation between the two aspects of reality, and thereby also explain The Truth. The Truth is thus an explanation rather than a description.

Now, the fact that The Truth is an explanation, rather than a description, means that every search for The Truth as a description (like cladistics and particle physics) is vain.  Never will such searches (like cladistics and particle physics) thus find their goals. Instead, The Truth is that arithmetic and axiomatic set theory are the two aspects of reality.

A search for The Truth thus has an end only if you can accept an end consisting of an explanation. Otherwise, the search is endless.


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