On trying to find a single rational explanation of the world

Trying to find a single rational explanation of the world is like trying to find the value of the square root of 3 (ie, the middle of the diagonal in a cube with sides of the length 1).

Interestingly, in this problem, the actual size of the sides of the cube doesn’t matter, but just that we assess the size of the sides of it to 1. It means that the problem does not concern any particular cube, and thus neither finding the middle of any particular cube, but rather our assessment of measures to matters in general, ie, our system of measurements. It means that the problem can not be solved by modifying our measuring of reality, but only by modifying our measuring system. The problem is not how we measure, but our system for measuring.

This fact appears counter-intuitive, since our measuring system is consistent. How can it be wrong when it is consistent? Well, the answer is that the world indeed also is consistent, but that we have ambiguitized it by separating it from ourselves. (“Ambiguatize” may be a new word, but it is what we have done with the world by separating it from ourselves.)

This ambiguitization may be interpreted as that the world is paradoxically contradictory (like the square root of 3), as cladists, particle physicists and some quantum mechanists interpret it, but this interpretation is a misunderstanding. It is not the world that is paradoxically contradictory, but just this interpretation of the ambiguity. The problem is actually that our consistency is ambiguous in relation to the world’s consistency. Both the world and our measuring system of it are consistent, they just have an ambiguous  relation.

Unfortunately, this ambiguous relation between our conceptualization of the world and the world itself means that the world is either empty or paradoxically contradictory to us. But, this doesn’t mean that the world is empty or paradoxically contradictory, but just that the door to a rational explanation of the world is closed (with double locks).

This is not what I want to say, but a fact, sorry to say.


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