Cladistics and particle physics exclude the fundamental complication we call reality

When we describe reality, the description is a simplification of reality. And, in every simplification there is one aspect that can’t be portrayed consistently. For example, when we make a map of the earth, then we can’t portray both area, distance and angle consistently, but have to portray one of them inconsistently.

Now, the opposite to simplification is complication. So, if we call reality a complication of our description of it, then “simplifications” and “complications” are nested in the form that every simplification is a simplification of a complication and has at least one further simplification. Vice versa, every complication is a complication of a simplification and has at least one further complication. This relation between simplification and complication is the same as the relation between integral and derivative, which is the first fundamental theorem of calculus, ie, that they are inverses of one another.

This relation is extremely interesting in that it is infinite and lacks a middle. The reason is that it is not a relation between things (or absolute values), but between relations, since both simplification and complication, and integral and derivative, are operations (ie, relations) rather than things or absolute values. It is thus a relation between relations.

Much can be concluded from this relation, but most important is that it means that complication must be fundamental to  simplification, since if it was the other way around, then a description of reality would not be a simplification. This gives meat on the bones on Einstein’s statement that “we must simplify matters as much as possible, but not too much, because then we create impossibilities”. We must thus not simplify matters to the degree that we pass the boundary between simplification and complication, turning them up-side-down, ie, starting to believe that simplification IS reality (ie, that map IS reality).

This boundary is what both cladistics and particle physics has passed. Both of them believe that their description of reality IS reality, thereby messing things up by excluding the fundamental complication we call reality.


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