The idea of a “Higgs particle” is an elevator from reality to dream

If there is a “Higgs particle” and a “Higgs field”, whereof the field continuously gives rise to new particles in a “Higgs mechanism”, then this field must be a component of another transient field. Because as such, it is a vector field, which must be generated by some kind of a time-varying (transient) underlying field, just as how an electric field is generated by electric charges or time-varying magnetic fields as described by Maxwell’s equations. “Fields” do not emerge out of nothing, but out of something that is moving.

A “Higgs particle” could thus explain “everything” iff (if and only if) the world wasn’t fundamentally moving, but now that it is, it can’t. Instead, it can just provide an untestable hypothesis as support for the belief that the world isn’t fundamentally moving, but fundamentally frozen (first proposed by the ancient Greek Parmenides). The problem with this belief is that it conflates “wave” with “particle” and thereby denies the fact that time is relative to speed in space, ie, is falsified by this fact. We can thus safely assume that a “Higgs particle” will never be found.

Instead, the idea of a “Higgs particle” is actually The Misunderstanding of the relation between what we see and our conception of it (ie, the concrete and the abstract), believing that the latter is real instead of the former. The idea is thus actually an elevator from reality to dream.

The story of a “Higgs particle” teaches us that although empirical testing is important, we have to understand what we test and how. It is possible to foresee the existence of a single thing, like a planet or a black hole, but not of a kind of thing, like a “Higgs particle”, because kinds don’t exist (ie, aren’t concrete, or real). We can, of course, create pink elephants in our minds, but can’t, just as of course, find them in reality just because they exist in our minds. We can just discuss the things that exist in different perspectives, not create new things.

“Higgs particle” will thus never materialize, but will forever remain a dream.


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