“The truth” is a true void

I call the rational search for the truth an “orthogonal circle“. However, after reading about dialectic on Wikipedia, I find a “helix” being a a more accurate name for it.

The problem with this helix is that it is infinite, because the synthesis that is the truth within the helix is actually a compromise. This fact may be difficult to grasp, but the route to grasping it is to consider that that there are two kinds of infinity: countable and uncountable, whereof “all syntheses” are uncountably infinite but “synthesis” is countably infinite, and that “synthesis” thus is a compromise between countable and uncountable infinity. It means that the concept “synthesis” is different from all other concepts in that its set is uncountably infinite, whereas its abstraction is countably infinite. The concept is simply a synthesis of synthesis.(or compromise of compromise).

This fact means that “the truth” is impossible both along and across – along being a helix and across being an uncountably infinite set/a countable infinite abstraction. “The truth” is thus a true void. This concept is thus guaranteed to be empty (on the contrary to what cladists and particle physicists believe).


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