Is there indeed a single truth, as science claims?

Science is fundamentally a belief like all other beliefs in believing in an abstraction. For most other beliefs, the object of belief is some kind of God(s), whereas it for science is “the truth”. So, is “the truth” more real than God(s) is?

The answer resides in the word “belief” itself. If a belief indeed can be true, then “belief” equals “fact”, meaning that all beliefs are true. There is no way that a single belief can be true leaving all other beliefs as false, because the boundary (conceptual) between “belief” and “fact” excludes that there is such a way. Instead, if a single belief can be true, then all beliefs are true. The word “belief” does thus in itself exclude that any belief is true, ie, a fact. Instead, all beliefs are beliefs, and thus not truths, or facts, per definition. We can use concepts to discuss things, but we can’t confuse things by confusing concepts.

This dichotomy between keeping concepts consistently apart and confusing them is reflected in the dichotomy between Linnean systematics and cladistics in biological systematics. Whereas Linnean systematics consistently keeps concepts apart, cladistics instead confuses them. It means that all classifications of Linnean systematics  are true if one of them is, whereas no cladistic classification is true. This fact actually demonstrates the inconsistency of the scientific belief in a single truth by presenting the two actual alternatives, ie, that either all classifications are true or that none of them is.

This fact does actually falsify the claims of all beliefs, including science’s belief in a single truth, instead opening a space for a consistent system within conceptualization, like liberalism and mathematics. This is also the space that traditional empirical science resides within (without believing in a single truth). This is moreover the space that the arab world has oppressed into distinction, but which it ought to open up for.

In this matter cladists and jihadists do thus agree as extremists, but both of them are contradictory, actually paradoxically contradictory, leaving liberalism and mathematics as the winners..


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