Cladists are merely traditional racists

Those biological systematists that are called “cladists” are distinguished from other biological systematists by believing that there is a single true tree of life. Other biological systematists may not understand exactly why there can’t be such a single true tree of life, but just feel intuitively that there can’t be. So, what is the problem with this belief?

Well, I must first clarify that this issue is not about whether Darwin’s theory of evolution is correct or not, but just about how to conceptualize this highly probable reason for the origin of the biological diversity. The fundamental problem is that kinds (ie, classes) not are real, but our invention, ie, abstractions in our minds. This problem means that we actually can’t describe Darwin’s theory of evolution consistently at all, because such a description requires one class that has both originated and existed throughout the origination, and there is no class that is real. (The closest we can come is the class “species”, but it is actually one and the same thing as Russell’s paradox in this sense (although not in the Linnean sense).)  The problem with the cladistic belief is thus that it believes in something that actually can’t be found.

This problem is not problematic in itself – there are many beliefs in things (mostly Gods, but also Higgs particle) that actually can’t be found – but cladists turn it into a problem in the moment they begin searching for their belief, because then they tilt reality and dream up-side-down, thereby also tilting inconsistency into consistency and consistency into inconsistency, thus making their belief appear consistent instead of paradoxically contradictory, which it actually is. Cladists’ search for their belief does thus make paradoxical contradiction appear consistent (although Bertrand Russell demonstrated that it is paradoxically contradictory more than a century ago).

The simple fact in this issue is that cladists are traditional racists (also classified as populists) in a new disguise. They actually represent the part of humanity that can’t (or don’t want to) understand our limitations as conceptualizing humans, but instead over-simplifies the issue. Thereby, they are the main threat against liberalism and empirical science, although they in the search for their God is dressed as empirical scientists. Their fake dress is revealed by that they do not accept the methods of empirical science. They are actually not empirical scientists, but rather dreamcatchers.


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