Scientific extremism is just as stupid as religious extremism is

The problem with conceptualization is that concepts cut reality like principles do, and that every principle has an orthogonal (ie, diametrically opposed) principle, because it means that every conceptualization is fundamentally paradoxically contradictory (as also Russell’s paradox demonstrates). This is the reason for the saying that there is only one universal language – translation.

Worse is that this problem means that it is not languages, but rather translations, that are real (ie, exist). This fact means that when we, for example, search for an answer to the question of how humanity has originated, fact is that there is no such thing as “humanity” in the first case, but rather changes between such “things” (actually classes, or principles). It means that we can’t find a consistent answer to this question per definition, because the question is fundamentally inconsistent, but since we don’t understand that it is, we neither understand why we can’t. We’re like the donkey trying to catch the carrot in front if its eyes.

This is the problem Svante Pääbo presently is facing. He thinks that the problem is the origin of Man (ie, Homo erectus), when it actually is Homo erectus itself. Never will he (or anyone else) clarify the “origin” of “Man” (ie, Homo erectus), because there actually isn’t any “Man” (or Homo erectus), The comprehension that there is is actually just a kind of extremism called racism. Svante Pääbo is thus fundamentally a racist of the traditional Nazi kind, although he doesn’t understand that he is. This kind of racist is more correctly called a scientific extremist, and this kind of extremist is actually the worst problem that humanity has to tackle.  It is the people that think they are right per definition.


One response to “Scientific extremism is just as stupid as religious extremism is

  1. You do not mess around, Mats. Thank you, sir.

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