On the “discovery” of “Higgs particle”

Particle physicists “think” they have “got” what they call “Higgs particle” (for which Peter Higgs was awarded the Nobel Prize). Now, if this kind of particle actually exist, as particle physicists obviously think (and think they have got), then a “Higgs field” also exist, and the particles of the field arises continuously as disturbances in the field.

If this model is correct, then reality is fundamentally a field, and fields and particles do thus also co-exist (ie, in”the Higgs form”). The problem with this model is, however, that it means that kinds, like the Higgs particle, do not exist, since single particles also are waves, which is a kind of field, and that kinds then thus are ambiguous between fields and waves. The model is thus inconsistent. (Which actually also is demonstrated by Russell’s paradox).

It means that particle physicists’ thought, or what they think they have got (for which Peter Higgs was awarded the Nobel Prize) must be wrong. Particle physicists actually must not “have got” what they call “Higgs particle”. Instead their idea of a Higgs particle itself (for which Peter Higgs was awarded the Nobel Prize) must be wrong,

Particle physicists must thus be fundamentally wrong. They must be as wrong as it is possible to be, that is, totally wrong. The grand question is how such a total error can be awarded the Nobel Prize. The answer is that it is realism itself that is at stake, and realists choose to run its approach to the bitter end instead of giving up. The Nobel Prize is thus awarded realists by realists, in an attempt to defeat nominalists by this superficial move. The thought is that the glamour of the Nobel Prize will render realism the place in the limelight it actually does not deserve.

Particle physicists have thus not found Higgs particle, but Peter Higgs have just been awarded the Nobel Prize for his (inconsistent) idea of such a particle. Particle physicists are just searching this (consistent) particle, not having found it. This kind of particle actually can’t exist, neither theoretically nor practically, but realists do all they can to avoid being forced to abandon realism. The matter is actually a battle between realism and nomialism, which realism temporarily won by the Nobel Prize to Peter Higgs. The problem is that this approach is a dead end, and that it thus has to lose in both the short and the long run.


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