On the battle between belief and non-belief

Humanity consists of 1/3 believers, 1/3 non-believers and 1/3 that can’t decide what to believe.

Believers include cladists and particle physicists, even if they don’t understand that they believe (in a tree of life and Higgs particle, respectively). It means that cladists and particle physicists are competitors with Christians, Muslims, Scientologists and all other believers in different faiths.

The problem with belief is that it is ultimately paradoxically contradictory (see Russell’s paradox), and thus that the problem for us non-believers is to reveal this paradoxical contradiction to believers (ie, to cure a fanatic). The problem with this problem is, however, that believers do not ask for or want this revelation, but rather avoid it like the plague. It means that believers do not acknowledge an accounting of their contradiction even if we non-believers put it right in front of their eyes, just like a magnetic north repels another magnetic north. No matter how clear we non-believers think it is, believers still avoid it by all possible means. They even refuse to look at it if we put it right in front of their ehes

Belief is thus a strong force. We non-believers should thus not expect believers to behave rationally. But exactly how we shall reveal the paradoxical contradiction of belief to believers, ie, how we shall cure a fanatic, is still not solved. The problem is fundamentally to explain to someone that doesn’t understand that he/she doesn’t understand. We non-believers have to convince the believer that his/hers belief is paradoxically contradictory. We, non-believers, simply have to liberate believers from belief, which appears impossible.

The contradiction between the thirds that are believers, non-believers and those that can’t make up their minds thus appears to provide the setting for a universal war. This war will then be the ultimate battle between belief and non-belief, ending humanity’s existence.


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